“Community Policing” is a euphemism for more surveillance

“Community Policing” is a euphemism for more surveillance; it does not guarantee our safety. Broken windows policing keeps immigrant New Yorkers in terror of law enforcement due to fear that any interaction with local police will lead to summonses, unaffordable fines, jail, or immigration detention. As a result, people are less likely to assert their rights when mistakenly stopped, harassed or racially profiled by police or when reporting police crimes or cooperating as witnesses, making it harder to ensure community safety.

NYPD is the 7th largest military in the world

The NYPD is the 7th largest military in the world, it does not need 1K new cops. There is a national dialogue underway about de-militarizing the police. City officials must not play into the agenda of a militarized NYPD ahead of the community’s needs. We believe in holding people, organizations and elected officials accountable to our needs. Chief Bratton recently made the case for more cops with Pat Lynch asking for over 6,000 more boots on the ground. Bratton also said it would be “very helpful” if the state upped the penalty for resisting arrest (often a charge used to cover instances of brutality) to a class A felony. Protesting is a first amendment right and should not be criminalized.